Third Sector

Taking a weight off your mind

The regulatory environment today is tougher than ever, placing an increasing and disproportionate burden on the correct management and administration of charities. This is even tougher on a tight budget, as sources of funds disappear!

We can take a weight off your mind – and, off your desk – allowing you to concentrate on the core objectives of your charity and on securing core funding. We can also integrate your administration with your fundraising and marketing.

Communications, website, mobile site, and tablets

With the advent and proliferation of devices, it is worthwhile considering whether you have kept pace with your donors, stakeholders and audience:

  • Does your site work well on smartphones or tablets?
  • How many of your members or stakeholders prefer to use a smartphone for browsing?
  • What devices does your pool of supporters or potential members prefer?
  • Does your brand or website need a refresh?
  • Is your fundraising in decline?
  • Is your membership failing to grow at the expected rate?
  • How easy is it to coordinate campaigns?
  • Does your website promote your objects, membership and fundraising?
  • Does your marketing face your actual or your perceived audience?
  • Is your marketing professional, integrated and consistent, enabling you to box above your weight?
  • Do you have a library of key documentation to support fundraising and membership generation?

If you don’t know the answers to some of these questions, then we think you may need our help.

Fundraising and business development

These may seem obvious, but…..

  • Do you have a funding pipeline? a treasure map?
  • Do you know what applications are in the pipeline and where not to repeat unsuccessful funding applications?
  • Do you have a contact and donor database?
  • Do you have projects developed so that you can apply for funding?
  • Do you have contacts with the public sector, partners, key organisations or opinion formers?
  • How are you managing those contacts, and are you doing so efficiently?
  • What networking are you doing?
  • When you apply for funding, is it more in hope than expectation?
  • Do you send out lots of applications or make lots of phone calls with no result?
  • Is your business model sustainable?
  • What role do you sponsors play? your trustees?
  • Do you have too many chiefs? Or not enough indians?
  • Who does your fundraising?

If the answers to the above are unclear or negative, then you may well need our help.

Administration, systems and compliance

With increasing professionalisation of the third sector, having your house in order from an administration point of view is now highly desirable – and it will make your organisation easier, better and possibly cheaper to run. So:

  • Who is responsible for statutory documents, procedures and disciplines?
  • Who liaises with regulatory bodies, the treasurer, auditor and signatories to complete the process within the proscribed period?
  • Did you meet your deadlines?
  • Who ‘owns’ the task?
  • How easy was if for you to edit and compile the Annual Report?
  • How intensive was the effort and time needed to prepare this? Do you have a checklist and timeline of statutory “must-haves” and “desirable to be included” in the document?
  • Who is the central point of contact for potential donors and regulatory bodies such as the Charity Commission, Companies House and other key bodies?
  • Are your documents and correspondence clearly filed and easily retrievable?
  • Is there a single point of failure within your administrative system?
  • Who reports back to stakeholders and donors?
  • Is there anyone with the relevant professional, business or accounting experience within your organisation?
  • Is statutory information correctly displayed on your website, e-mails and marketing materials?
  • Do you have the right systems to make this all easier?

You’re not alone

If you haven’t got time to read everything, download our third sector brochure (.pdf 82kb). If the answers to the above questions gave you pause for thought, then you may find it helpful to contact us.