Branding & design

Driven by device

These days, smartphones, tablets and readers are primary end-user devices.
Electronic Identity designs brands which are intended, from the first, to look good on such devices. Information design, navigation and content provision are also important aspects of successfully marketing on these devices.

If you stop to think about it, applying brands designed for use on one media to another  is like adapting a car engine for use on a motorbike.  It isn’t going to produce optimal results. The constraints of brand design for new media mean you have to work to the lowest common denominator. Complicated graphics don’t look good when they are only a few pixels tall!

Think differently

So, if you already have a logo and brand you are attached to, be prepared to make changes and adaptations to suit new devices and usages. Be prepared to reconsider what information is most important to your audience and how you will make their experience on a mobile or table, one guaranteed to bring them back.

Stick to what you’re good at

Most importantly, Electronic Identity – like any web designer – is expert in its field. You, as the business owner, are expert in yours. If you commission us to do a site,  take on board our recommendations as to design and copy. Writing copy for SEO salience is a specialist skill as is designing  optimised, attractive websites. Let the experts do their work!