Our focus is on your online presence but we frequently find that clients like to have access to related services under the same roof so ourĀ  portfolio is actually quite diverse:

  • application development
  • blogs
  • brand creation
  • bulletin boards
  • e-commerce
  • e-pub formatting
  • fora
  • data-driven sites
  • event management
  • graphic design
  • hosting & email accounts
  • mobile site design
  • multimedia creation
  • offline marketing (the traditional stuff)
  • online marketing (digital marketing)
  • presentation production
  • print
  • seo (search engine optimisation) services
  • seo copywriting
  • tablet site design
  • web content management
  • website design
  • web development
  • wikis


Electronic Identity Ltd. is based in Twickenham and ideally located to service local businesses in Twickenham, Richmond and St. Margaret's.


Electronic Identity is not VAT registered, nor does it charge VAT, making it an ideal supplier for those who do not have VAT obligations such as SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs or third sector organisations.