Most of our business is by referral. Here’s some of what our clients have had to say:


Curtis Parker

….. the batch of leaflets and advertising materials you have produced for me. They are really good, just what I wanted.


Peter Desmond, Trustee of The African Pulse

When we had problems accessing The African Pulse website, Electronic Identity stepped in to assist us. They developed it into a site which tells the full story of The African Pulse and the work it is doing in Southern Africa on HIV/AIDS prevention. We have been very pleased with the work that the Electronic Identity team has done for us, particularly their speed of response and commitment to supporting the work of the charity. I know that the other organisations that pitched to us for this project would not have produced anything like the quality of work that Electronic Identity has achieved.


The Richmond Declaration

It is excellent ….


Ruth Wyner, Executive Director, The Dialogue Trust.

I want to thank you for the tremendous work you have done setting up The Dialogue Trust’s website. It has a such a professional look and is really easy to navigate. All of us here are very pleased with it, and we’re happy to refer clients, contacts and colleagues to it (which certainly wasn’t the case with the old website) so it’s a huge resource for us. You’ve come up with something really creative and also businesslike from the mass of information we sent to you. I can’t have wished for a better job.


Carole Deighton

I’ve had some very positive feedback from the site and completed questionnaires.…above all, I am referring new potential business leads to it and it really helps me sell my self.  I’ve been so busy  – the corporate business is starting to take off and the web site has been invaluable in supporting my sell.


A professional contact of Carole’s commenting on her site.

What a wonderful website! – Very professional, visually very pleasing and lots of information, which would reassure me as a client. I would  know what I was getting. It’s clear you’ve thought through everything and comes across as  a broad proposition – lots to offer.  I love the structure: about me, how I can help, choosing a coach, choosing the right coaching etc.  Content is also very good on those. I love the scrolling lists of all the things you could provide – really helpful to the client.  I think you’ve done a wonderful job. It’s a great site Carole – good looking, professional and helpful – just what you want your coach to be!


Tony Shoebridge

You perfectly designed and delivered a web site that encapsulated how I wanted others to see me. I was surprised at how well you captured my personal brand, redefined my business, set up the website and provided additional marketing materials – on time, on budget and to my satisfaction.


Melody Coutts

Thank you for all your work on this, I didn’t realise there was so much involved in getting it right. I was surprised how professional the design was. I am glad to say that I am quite busy now, thanks, I am sure, to the website.


David Butter

Many thanks for this! Really appreciate your efforts… it looks very good. I do like the look for the site, and will be using it actively going forward. Thanks for all the good work and patience.